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The High Road of Wise Dominion

Born of the ancient Mystery Schools, there is a tradition that those who desire enlightenment and freedom may elect a direct Path of discipleship under the watchful care of the great Masters of Wisdom who have already won their Victory. Acropolis Sophia is the Place where sincere students and devotees gather to train directly under the Masters and their representatives, learning to take Dominion over themselves and their own worlds.

The fullness of this Divine Wisdom or Theos Sophia has been jealously guarded, its true meaning veiled behind symbol, parable and allegory. Today this Law of Life is set forth in simple, straightforward language. The curriculum and training emphasize more than the acquisition of spiritual knowledge. Those who gain Sophia's Mantle earn Freedom from superstition, freedom from the ignorance that keeps mankind bound to the wheel of rebirth, and the ability to chart a course of right decision in accord with the intent of their own God Identity.

"Sophia has built Her House.
She has hewn Her Seven Pillars."

The Wisdom of Cultivating Wisdom

Wisdom's Ray is little interested in the world of men. It does not deal with knowledge, mental genius, nor accretion of intellectual facts even when they pertain to metaphysical subjects. Absent conscious Illumination, the outer mind is no better equipped to chart its own course or counsel others than those who act by the feelings and the instincts of their all too finite intellects.

True Wisdom comes by facing the Sun within and drawing forth the conscious realization that all Reality, Truth, Beauty, and Buddhic awareness must be drawn forth from within the Flame of one's own Heart! By listening to the Voice of the Silence in humble and silent reverence, without mental concepts or emotional turmoil, the disciple becomes imbued and fired with the dazzling Sun of the Mind of God. To this end the Ascended Masters pour their own Attainment upon the hearts and minds of those disciples who aspire to Self-Mastery and Perfection.

Sophia - Mother of Christ Discrimination

The mark of true Wisdom is to be found in the disciple's ability to discern between God Reality and worldly illusions or maya. This is an invaluable skill acquired by those who are willing to sit at the feet of the Mother of Wisdom and learn Her ways. Christ Discrimination, the ability to distinguish Real from unreal, enables each one to release the greater powers and genius of the God Presence. Truly freedom from religious superstition and worldly fascinations is more precious than rubies and gold!

By a conscious command, students are trained to release the Golden-White Flame of the I AM Presence through the Gold Plume of the Threefold Flame within their Heart. This spiritually tangible Flame releases Its Substance throughout the four lower bodies, enabling them to be responsive to the more subtle radiation and direction of the individual Christ Self. In turn, this individual Christ Self is completely at one with the Mind and Heart of the One True and Living God!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.
Forsake Her not and She will watch over you.
Cherish Her and She will lift you on High.
Embrace Her and She will bring you Honor.

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