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With the full Love of our Hearts, the Torch Bearers of The Temple stand united in our vow to help Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain usher in the Dawning Golden Age!



An Invitation from the Heart of Beloved Saint Germain


To all Ascended Master Friends of Light,

Greetings and salutations to you, our esteemed Brothers and Sisters who, with us, are walking the Pathway of Light that leads Home, straight into the Heart of the Sun.

May we present you with an invitation directly from the Heart of our own Beloved Saint Germain? The Opportunity of which we speak is a decidedly singular one. It is your Opportunity to engage directly with the Master in a very personal and intimate fashion through His newly formalized Circle of Disciples known as the Torch Bearers of The Temple.

We believe — and Saint Germain confirms it— that you have long been a Torch Bearer whether you were consciously aware of it or not. The many years of your yearning for your God Presence, the spontaneous love for the Ascended Masters that you have felt blooming within your Heart, your desire to be in the presence of the Masters and live forever the Life They live, and your compassion for all God's Sons and Daughters, your brothers and sisters — all these point to the action of your Holy Christ Presence speaking loudly and clearly through your outer consciousness.

What makes today of singular import is that at last there is something concrete and practical you can do to make all those aspirations a reality in your own life here and now! For several years now Saint Germain and El Morya, along with many other members of the Brotherhood, have worked with painstaking patience and a jeweler"s precision to fashion a perfect plan and a perfect matrix for both Their new Ascended Master Activity and Their new vehicle for sponsoring students in an accelerated program of training, discipleship and World Service, the Torch Bearers of The Temple.

Becoming a Torch Bearer signifies to Saint Germain two very important things. First, you believe in Him and the Great Work He is trying to do and you are determined to help in every way you can. Believe us, there is no better way to walk and talk with an Ascended Master than to make yourself useful to His Work through World Service! Second, you believe in His Path, you embrace His Teaching wholeheartedly, and you are pleased to enter into the recommendations of specialized training which you will receive directly under His Sponsorship.

As quickly as you make this commitment, first to your I AM Presence and then to Saint Germain and El Morya, that quickly will you feel yourself a Torch Bearer engaged in an accelerated spiritual exercise program with Saint Germain Himself as your personal trainer! Allow us this moment of humor, for what better way to dramatize just how practical and intimate will be the stepped up devotion and commitment of Beloved Saint Germain to your lifestream and to your Victory!

"But isn't the Master already devoted to my every need?" you ask. If you are already striving to the utmost, then yes, without question. Yet, how many Lightbearers are Torch Bearers in earnest? How many follow the example of the early patriots, pledging their very life, fortune and sacred honor to the Cause of Freedom? In truth, the Master can only match your own striving, stride for stride. By rallying to the Sacred Cause of the Brotherhood's Great Work through aligning yourself with fellow Torch Bearers in an active cause, you furnish Saint Germain and El Morya with the authority they must have to reciprocate to the utmost their own unbounded enthusiasm for your personal discipleship and your ultimate Victory of the Ascension!

But why should we presume to tell you these things when you can read for yourselves Saint Germain's own words of His God Determination and His enthusiastic plans for you, for all Lightbearers worldwide, for the Torch Bearers of The Temple and for the Dawning Golden Age! We hope you will treasure this landmark address from the Master of the Aquarian Age, delivered at our 1999 summer conclave, "The Face of The Firstborn"." We have gone to great lengths to afford His Words the presentation they deserve, and yet we wonder if more than a mere fraction of His Fiery Presence leaps off the page as it should. If you question that intensity, we have the video to prove it and you can request that as well! Ah, to be in the Blessed Presence of these Great Ones, who ever could take it for granted or yearn for the old life?

We look forward to hearing from you right away. We're hoping you will send us your Torch Bearers enrollment form , together with your vote of confidence in this Activity as the vanguard effort of the Brotherhood. In turn, we pledge to fulfill the plan of the Masters to find Saint Germain's Ten Thousand and awaken them to their destined role in the Great Work of the Ages.

In El Morya's Name, in Saint Germain's Name, and in honor of your own Mighty I AM Presence, we send our love and gratitude to you and salute the God Flame blazing brightly upon the Altar of your Heart!

Always Victory !
Always Victory !
Always Victory !


Monroe and Carolyn Shearer,
Anointed Representatives™ for the Brotherhood of Light

Click here to listen to Saint Germain's Inauguration of the Torchbearers of The Temple, recorded on July 3, 1999.

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Do you believe in Saint Germain and the Great Work He is accomplishing, and are you determined to help in every way you can?

Do you believe in His Path, embrace His Teaching wholeheartedly, and do you desire to enter into the recommendations of specialized training which you will receive directly under His Sponsorship?

If so, click here for a copy of the Torch Bearer Affirmation that you can print out and mail to:

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