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Lady Master Venus

Beloved Lady Master Venus is the Twin Flame of Sanat Kumara, Regent Lord of the World.

"Become Masterful in the wise use of Love."

Venus' Rose " . . . It is time for the consciousness of mankind to be raised to the level of understanding the fullness of God Love. God Love is not always comfortable, for God Love can bring into your world a reorganizing of all of the old momentums that you have garnered, that you have thought were of the Light of God. There is a polarizing of every erg of energy in all of the chakras, in every cell of your being, to the Light of God. When you stand in a room where there is one person radiating an intense Love, does it bring about Harmony and Peace, Joy and Happiness? Or is there irritation, confusion, and anxiety because that one is so filled with the Peace and Love and Harmony of God that it magnifies that which is unlike Itself in your world?

"Examine, if you are ready to step into the fullness of the Love of God. Is that Love where you choose to be? Well, if so, My beloved hearts, you need only turn within, to the Secret Chamber of the Heart. Allow for the love of your being to flow - to flow up to the very pinnacle of the crown. Open wide to receive the Light of the Great Central Sun. Become a Pillar of Fire where you stand. And, if only for a few moments, in each day, nourish that Light, as the very essence and substance of your life in action. Turn the attention of the heart, the mind, the emotions completely upon the attention of your God Presence. Extend the Love to the fullest extent that you are able, and be prepared for the avalanche to return of Cosmic Life, Light and Love from the Great Central Sun. Every action invokes a reaction, and each time you place your attention on loving God, the corresponding reaction is the return current of the fullness of that Love.

"Once you have received that Love, what will you do with it? Will you build a fence around it to protect it and keep it from harm's way? Or will you sustain a Pillar of Light to protect and continue to nourish that Love? Will you extend that Love into the outer activities of your life? Or will you keep it for those very special private moments only at your altar? Will you take your altar into the world and become Love in Action? It is not enough to recite the sweet poems of the ages; to read the scriptures on Love; to have the romance of Love, without the actual substance of the Love of God imbuing each of those. For, without the Love of God saturating every action of so called outer expression of Love, it is empty, it is void and it is only an action of human creation. . . . "

" . . . Become Masterful in the wise use of Love and you will be a Star in the Firmament, adding your Radiation and Light to the Secret Love Star. You will become a corresponding release of Fire from the Great Central Sun in your own world. This is the potential of the Lightbearer in the physical. You need not wait until the Ascension to manifest the fullness of the release of Love. You need only become One with the God Presence in your daily life. Do not think it is unattainable, for the more you entertain any doubt or hesitation, the further away it will appear. Accept it and expect it done right now. For I, Venus, have come to announce to you the birth of the Christ this day. . . . "

Beloved Venus

November 22, 1998 Chelsea, Vermont, U.S.A.

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