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Ascended Master El Morya

Ascended Master El Morya

Ascended Master El Morya is the Chohan of God's Blue Ray of Protection, Faith, and the Will of God. He was embodied as the Patriarch Abraham and as King Arthur of the Camelot Sagas.

This Address by El Morya was delivered as part of a private meeting with the Messengers. The Master had directed that this excerpt, dated February 2, 1999, be published in The Voice From The Temple.


"The hour has come when the mankind of Earth must know the Ascended Masters as They truly are!"

"Many on the planet think they know El Morya, think they know Saint Germain, think they know the Beloved Jesus, Beloved Mary, and Archangel Michael. But their perception of the Ascended Masters is formed of their own wishful thinking, and wishful desiring for aspects of life which they are unable to accomplish within their own worlds. It is as if they move through life in a dream state of their own waking devachan.

"It is the responsibility of The Temple of The Presence and you, as Our Messengers, to convey to the mankind of earth a greater sense of awareness of the living, breathing, tangible, ever-present Reality of Ourselves as Ascended Masters. It is not enough to know Our Names, Our Retreats and Our Offices, for most are completely oblivious to the unique Selfhood each of us possess. Little do they realize how We truly think, how We actually perceive Life, or how We view the actions of those in physical embodiment from Our perspective of God Reality. Nor do those on the Path yet appreciate the degree of striving necessary to accelerate the Light within themselves. Sadly, they have forsaken the prospect that their personal worlds could or should reflect more of the Ascended Master Way of Life!

"Many are still unaccustomed to the delivery of Dictations through Our Messengers. Oh, they have read, reread and 'studied' the books most of their adult lives. And yet the action of cognizing Our Words - right while We are delivering them is somehow foreign to their ears, an effort, I might add, that often strains their credibility beyond the miraculous! They scarcely realize the magnitude of Our present efforts through you to reach them and motivate them.

"Why? Because deep down, a certain residual part of the consciousness of many students, even those who may have studied for decades, is not one hundred percent certain as to the existence of the Ascended Masters or certain as to who We really are. In addition to their own innate doubt and fear substance, you must factor in the real and imagined transgressions of one who has gone before you in your Office, driving home an insidious wedge of doubt, human questioning and apathy, making it more difficult to believe and to fortify the consciousness with that invincible sense of Our nearness and Our God Reality.

"The resolve of this state of affairs is to bring the tangibility of the Ascended Masters back into their worlds. This can be achieved in a number of different ways: obviously, the recorded Dictations, video productions and the printed word. These are the common and accustomed means of delivering the Teaching.

"How else then, would this Activity communicate the true Vibration and Character of the high plane of the Ascended Master Octave into this world of human density, maya and illusion? I will tell you: by the action of the Sacred Fire released from the God Presence of all those devotees of the Light who will seize upon the Calls and Invocations, and become the action of the Light so invoked! This sustained decree momentum will propel the very Presence of the Ascended Masters into the physical, matter plane.

"True, this too has been the theoretical understanding for many ages: That the Calls given forth with the power of the throat chakra will accelerate the release of Sacred Fire from the Ascended Master Octave - whether it be from the student's own God Presence, from an Ascended Master or directly from the Great Central Sun. But the daily application of this science has been reduced almost to a standstill amongst a majority of the student body. All the more reason why it is necessary for you to constantly remind and encourage, to instruct, and continue to remind, time and time again, on how and why this Fire must be released! Then when the students who indeed engage in the release of this Fire, and consequently experience firsthand its Reality, speak to others about their Decrees and Our response, their conviction will carry a weight far greater than you can imagine with those whose own enthusiasm has flagged.

"You live in a time and an era that moves with lightning speed. You have seen the rise and fall of many who are in positions of power - and of governments and even small countries. The rapid pace with which the entire planet is moving requires the students of the Ascended Masters to also engage at greater levels of acceleration. Amidst all this flurry of outer activity, the students must come to appreciate that, as they sit in the stillness and the quiet and the solitude of their Sanctuary, there is nonetheless a tremendous opportunity to engage in that acceleration of their consciousness which is necessary to contact and anchor the Light of the Ascended Master Octave! When the students do succeed in contacting Our Realms, many are the times when the Sacred Fire is released as Bolts of Lightning that immediately engage with the recalcitrant substance of world conditions that would otherwise remain immovable.

"I give this instruction, not that you, yourselves are unaware of the action of the Laws of Invocation, but to remind you once again that many students who fancy themselves initiates on the Path have yet to begin the Path in earnest. Tragically, there are some on the planet who will spend this entire embodiment in self-delusion, was will pass from the screen of life and will move into the inner octaves to prepare for their next embodiment, and throughout that entire cycle never once escape beyond their own imaginary worlds! For they will not have gleaned enough Light in their forcefields to forge a pathway beyond the realms of the dream state. Unfortunately they wouldn't dream of accepting a kind word of unadorned counsel We might wish to offer them through your good Office.

"Hence, far too many 'would be' disciples move through much of this life in a waking dream state that is quite binding, holding them fast in their tracks for many, many lifetimes. Such patterns continue and continue and continue until Nature takes a hand and produces such cataclysmic disturbance in the world of these so called initiates, that all their carefully constructed human identity patterns are shattered and there is no longer the old familiar sense of foundation. When those entrenched human identity patterns are finally dissolved, there is the opportunity for the Holy Christ Self to lay the groundwork for a new and glorious beginning.

"I do not say that such cataclysm will occur en masse, but I do say that from time to time, where such entrenched, recalcitrant conditions persist lifetime after lifetime due to the inherent blindness of the student to the very existence of certain conditions, finally the Great Mercy of the Law takes a hand, introducing a level of disturbance and radical change to wake up these would-be initiates to a more correct assessment of their actual relationship with their God Identity.

"As you know, this type of transformation can come in many ways. The Ascended Masters will mitigate all appearances of pain and discomfort whenever possible. It is never the choice or action of the Karmic Board or of individual Ascended Masters to allow any lifestream to be hindered in ways that would deter them from their Path. But you must understand that with certain lifestreams, by their free will, they have set in motion the Law of Karma. And those karmic wheels continue to turn unless and until there is a mitigation and a Transmutation, which can only come when the individual honestly confronts the condition, calls upon the Law of Forgiveness and redirects the karmic currents through right action.

"I call to your attention those lifestreams across the planet who are ready to hear My Voice declaring the unmitigated Truth of the Law. They do not have to have Truth sugar coated with an indulgence of age old weaknesses that hold them forever at arms length from their God Reality. It is time for the Teaching to go forth in bold, plain, clear language - in every descriptive word that you can imagine that would describe fully and completely the true sense of Cosmic Law and the Reality of the Ascended Masters. For too long, there has been a compromise and a gravitation towards popularizing the Dictates of the Law that have come forth, not only from Our Councils, but directly from the Great Central Sun.

"There will be those who will say my approach is too stringent, too demanding. But the only requirement, the only demand of the Will of God, is for the Oneness of each lifestream with their God Presence. Whatever it takes to accomplish that goal is the commandment. For some, there will be a greater demand for the transmutation of human conditions. For others, there will be many veils, of illusion and maya that must go into the Flame. For still others, the ego will be the greatest stumbling block, for these are those who fashion themselves knowledgeable in all the ways of the world, as well as experts even in Our ways. They will not be able to return to the pure Heart of the child that is required to bend the knee before their own God Presence in order to detect their own spiritual blindness. The life span of those in physical embodiment is far too short for anyone to waste precious time and yet time and time again, there transpires the same dreary waste and squandering of Light and Opportunity We have seen for countless centuries!

"As the students are drawn into the proximity of the Vibration the Ascended Masters focused by Our Releases through yourselves as Our Messengers, there will be the inevitable acceleration of the Light in their worlds. As these students deliver their Decrees and send forth the Bolts of Lightning with an accelerated action of the Sacred Fire into the earth, that Ascended Master Vibration which they call forth and experience, and which they are becoming, will in turn accelerate the planet to a greater level of awareness of its God Identity and of the Reality of God in the earth.

"I have addressed, this night the action of lowering the Teachings into the physical octave. This is a spiritual discipline that must be internalized by each student in order to achieve. All those who join the ranks of the Torch Bearers or those who fashion themselves experts in this or that advanced level of the Path, are required by the Darjeeling Council to study the very beginning, elementary lessons of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. The reason for this is most evident. Many students never studied the basic Teachings at all and, if they did, they have long forgot. They never embodied that basic instruction, for had they put on the pure and simple Principles of the Law, they would be further along the Path than they find themselves today.

"No one can skip over the beginning steps, thinking to make them up in the end, or that just because they have this talent or that esoteric knowledge, that therefor the fundamental teaching is old hat or beneath them. All of the building blocks of the foundation must be honed, must be fitted into their proper place. None can expect the Crown of Victory to be won and worn while the foundation stones of their temple have yet to be laid!

"It would seem that this should be an easy task: Deliver the Teaching; instruct in how to give the calls; set the example and allow the fruit of action to unfold. Indeed it might be that simple if those coming forth to enter the ranks as students, were to come as the small child or the babe just born, without the world's momentums of even one embodiment's karmic burden. But, since they emerge from a worldwide collage and patchwork of human creation, it is incumbent upon an Activity of Light to have a place for each one to feel comfortable, secure, wanted, and needed.

"How does one Activity of Light accomplish all this when there are as many variations as there are individuals? How does one Activity address the needs of those who come from different cultures and speak different tongues? Again the permanent solution is found in raising their overall vibration. The solution is Light. Where there is Ascended Master Light, there is God. And where you have God, you have the solution to all manner of concerns.

"Direct the students toward the Light of their own God Presence, as you have. Direct the student to becoming that Light, as you have. Direct the student to experiment with the Light, to put the Light into action and prove the Law, When they prove the Law, they will become the Law. As they become the Law, there will be new hands and feet, new Heart Chakras to accelerate the work of the Brotherhood. Many are yet unaccustomed to the priorities of the work of the Firstborn Sons and Daughters of God. So many are caught in such overwhelming self concern, that they have lost sight of the true reason they came into embodiment.

"In such cases, the outer self, the human miscreation, has taken on the role of lord and master of their world. They have forfeited the Authority over their own lifestream to that 'not self.' As that human creation touches the Ascended Master Vibration, it must of necessity accelerate that substance into the higher frequencies of Light and produce the miracle of lasting change. As that change occurs - for some it will occur more quickly than for others - you will discover that the 'not self,' those veils of maya and illusion, will fade into the past, ultimately to be no more as the record is transmuted, and the true God Identity will step to the fore. This will take much Patience. As you are finally discovering, We have much Patience, indeed. The Victories that you witness will be the fortitude for your continued Patience.

"And, as those students become the Law, and are the shining examples, and the witness to the Law, there will be many more who wilt be drawn into the great magnet of that Light and Love. You see, it is not enough to have the Messengers setting the example. We require that students become the example as well, for the Mission of this Activity to be victorious. Thus We rejoice each time a student internalizes the Light of their God Presence and begins to feel the Sacred Fire moving throughout their world.

"You have My permission to share any and all of this Dictation with the wider circle of students, for I understand the needs of their Hearts. I hear their cry and their unspoken yearning for more Light. They also need to know that I know. And, in knowing, I send My Comfort and My Shield for their protection as they become the Light and as they move into areas in their world that, for a time, may be new uncharted territory -unfamiliar, yes - exciting, perhaps - certainly awe inspiring, and always fulfilling.

"I, El Morya, together with the Members of the Darjeeling Council, seal these Messengers, and seal the entire body of students of the Light to be protected and guarded as they are becoming the Light."

Ascended Master El Morya


Ascended Master El Morya

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