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The Power of the Spoken Word

Words have more power than we customarily attribute to them. They go forth with a vibration that can be uplifting, comforting, healing, encouraging or depressing, antagonistic, damaging, discouraging. Whatever the level of vibration, it goes out into space and lingers there, affecting the atmosphere surrounding us. You have probably experienced this. Therefore, if you want to produce goodness in your world, it is important that the words you speak and thoughts you engage reflect that quality.

The Mind of God knows only Perfection. Hence, every Decree sent forth from the Mighty I AM Presence creates only Good. As we more and more make the connection with our Presence and call forth the Light of God, we begin to build a momentum of creating goodness in our own world and for others. As long as we are consistent with our calls, the momentum continues to build, magnifying goodness, promoting healing, producing abundance, forging peace and every Virtue that exists in the Consciousness of God. This is how we manifest change in our life and our world.

When, however, we become lackadaisical in making our calls, our momentum stalls and can diminish if left unattended too long. In one sense, the Light of God is like a fiery furnace that needs to be constantly fueled to keep the fire raging. As the fire diminishes, so does the power of the flame to produce heat. In Truth, the Light of God is a Sacred Fire that can only act in our world if we continue to call it forth, for Divine Law prevents the Light from acting on our behalf unless invited by our free will.

The Ascended Masters have furnished us with Decrees, Affirmations, and Fiats designed to call forth the Light of God into various situations in our life. Decrees of Adoration help us commune more deeply with our I AM Presence, and it is only from within that communion with our Presence that we are able to effectively call protection, illumination, healing, abundance, and all other God Good to ourselves and others.

Of course, our lives need to be in alignment with the Qualities we are invoking. We cannot be decreeing to transmute and balance past negative karma at the same time we are consciously creating more negative karma and expect to be making any progress. There needs to be a certain degree of striving to attain the Qualities we are calling forth and, at the same time, the absolute conviction that the call does compel the answer.

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