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The Violet Flame

Violet Transmuting Flame The Violet Flame is our greatest tool for expanding and enhancing our heart's tie with our very own I AM God Presence. It is also our best resource for transmuting and healing all those negative conditions that currently plague our planet, as well as our personal lives.

The Violet Flame is invoked through using rhythmic spoken prayers called "Decrees" and "Affirmations." You can use the Violet Flame to perform your personal alchemy of transformation whenever you desire to change the "base metal" of dense and heavy negative energies and records (conscious or subconscious remembrances of negative thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences from this life and previous lifetimes) in your aura to the Golden Light of your I AM God Presence's Purity and Perfection.

You can also use the Violet Flame to help loved ones wherever they may be on the planet, or between incarnations. As you invoke the Violet Flame and see it surrounding these individuals, their burdens will be eased and their spirits will be lifted.

Invoking the Violet Flame is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, as well as to your loved ones and the world at large!



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