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Beloved Vesta is the Divine Complement of Helios.

"Where there is error, where there is a misrepresentation, it will be dispelled by My Representatives."

Helios Vesta Sun "Yes, My beloved Helios and My Flame of Brilliance for the planet, come to initiate a New Dispensation and Release of Light, that will bring forth the Priests and Priestesses come again in the full anointed offices in accordance with the Law and the Scepter of their Being. Each of these who will qualify for those offices will be under the direct tutelage of Myself, Vesta, beloved Pallas Athena, Lord Maitreya, and beloved Hilarion.

"There will be the ongoing Instruction of the Law and the Teaching that embodies the Fullness of Truth. This, beloved hearts, will ensure that the coming Golden Age will have all that is necessary to manifest the Fullness of the God-Reality of Life.

"It is not sufficient to know of Life, to know of the Truth, to know of God. It must be incorporated into the fiber of the Being - to the very Core. There must be Truth that is at the Core of the aspects of any Instruction, Teaching, or Message that is given under the auspices of the Great White Brotherhood. . . . "

" . . . For as I placed the Scepter of Authority in the Hand of Pallas Athena, and so on from Pallas Athena to Hilarion, these Priests and Priestesses that go forward will carry the Thread of Contact with My Heart. For in Reality, there is no Truth that goes forward that does not connect with My Heart. There has been afforded this day the Release of the Ray of Light from the Great Central Sun to inaugurate this Dispensation. It is a more than ordinary Release of Light. Unlike other Dispensations, this is not finite. It will continue on as an ongoing Release of Light from the Heart of the Great Central Sun to bring forth the Truth and the Reality of God.

"Where there is error, where there is a misrepresentation, it will be dispelled by My Representatives. And My Representatives will go forward in the Fullness of the Light. And where that Light stands, no untruth, no unreality can stand. For they cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. You cannot co-mingle. You cannot have gray area. For there is Cosmic Law that is very definitely defined. The Vibration, the Rhythm, and the Momentum of that Truth will carry the Light to the heart. . . . "

" . . . There are those who are very aware of even the physical Sun's new dimensions and activity. I tell you this is as a result of Our Dispensation being released from the Great Central Sun, for there must be a preparation for the holding of that Fire that would be released. Therefore there had to be an organization and a repolarizing of the axis of the Earth and of the Sun to inhabit that Fire. Therefore as We release this into the Center of the Earth, know that all is well, and know that it is not a sign of doom and gloom, but a sign of Victory. For Victory is here and there is a New Day and the Golden Age has come into manifestation as We stand. For you are the beginning. You are that Spark of Light that will light and ignite the world. And you will carry My Torch and My Fire from the Heart of Truth and the Heart of the Sun. . . . "

" . . . I salute you, and My Beloved salutes you, and the Cosmic Councils that have answered to Morya and Saint Germain in the Dispensation of The Temple of The Presence salute you for your Honor to the Flame of God. . . . "

Beloved Vesta

October 11, 1998 Chelsea, Vermont, U.S.A.



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