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A History of Ascended Master Activities

Nineteenth Century Efforts

The Ascended Master El Morya in the 1950's reviewed some of the Great White Brotherhood's Endeavors to bring Illumination to humanity over the previous century:

" . . . After the establishment of a Focus in this Western Hemisphere at the beginning of the 19th century, Lord Maitreya told the Chohans it was time to bring a knowledge of the Hierarchy to the minds of men. It was time that the Masters, Who had concentrated Their attention in the East, should enter the occidental consciousness. Then, in that pleasant, persuasive, eloquent and magnificent manner of His, He outlined what you know as Theosophy.

"He told Us how certain lifestreams might embody, and then those of Us Who were close to these people, could step through the veil, and the embodied chelas open the door to an understanding of Our Presence, Our particular Service, and Our Willingness and Desire to cooperate with anyone who would accept Our Friendship, Our unquestionable Intelligence, and Our capacity for Counsel, not for personal credit or for the karma of merit that would result from their trust in Us.

"Blavatsky was there, Leadbeater, Judge and Sinnett, the names you know and many more, perhaps better qualified than the crude, rough woman who stood forth and said: 'Masters, I will go and be that wedge.' Crude of body and mind, spirit, soul and self as she was, and for all the finer, more delicate instruments that did not volunteer, We were glad to accept those who did. Being in the service of the Brotherhood, We are not permitted to use any drastic measures. For many thousands of qualified lifestreams - perhaps ten are willing to volunteer, and out of that ten, maybe two are fully qualified. Then it is a sifting and a sorting, a praying and a hoping until We have prepared perhaps one soul whose sole will and purpose is centered in Our Cause and on that one Our hope depends.

"However, as Representative of the Divine Will of God to the Earth today, it became My great Honor and Privilege to approach the Lord of the World, early in the 19th century, and ask that a knowledge of the Masters, the Brotherhood, and Their Endeavors to assist mankind, be brought to the conscious attention of the minds of the Western world, wherein I perceived the vital energies required to translate 'vision' into action. The East had had centuries to render this service, but the absolute disregard for form - they want the essence, not form - and the nature of the Eastern Holy Man, being so absolutely devoted to adoration, made it increasingly clear that to the West the Brotherhood must look, if a conscious connection between Their Design and man's energies might be accomplished.

"My arguments in favor of investing certain Spiritual Energies - in attempting to contact and convince Individuals of the Reality of the Masters, and the existence of this Brotherhood - were rewarded and I, together with blessed Kuthumi, Saint Germain and Serapis, began Our Plans for the organization of The Theosophical Society, if We could secure the cooperation of any embodied souls with Western vehicles, who could form the spearhead for Our Endeavors.

"Helena Blavatsky - naturally attuned to Our Vibrations through centuries of association at Inner Levels, and many embodiments of cooperative service while in physical bodies - became the medium through which We endeavored to bring a Knowledge of the Masters to the people. Through the exertion of great effort, and the production of much phenomena, We were able to reach a limited number of lifestreams, and the opening wedge into the consciousness of the West began.

"Then, through the kind assistance of the Lords of Karma, many beautiful spiritual souls who had gained much conscious knowledge of the Inner Light, were assigned to embodiments in the occidental world, and these became Our 'Outposts' to carry on the initial Endeavor which We, in Hope, had begun.

"Thus was the initial Endeavor of Theosophy born. The Lords of Karma gave to Us a certain amount of Energy to use which the lifestream had not earned, and so Kuthumi and Myself and the Maha Chohan endeavored to use that Energy to the best advantage. We offered It then to Blavatsky and the founders to supplement their own faith and wisdom. Many is the night We sat and talked about how to confirm her appointment. We released to her the powers of precipitation and phenomena, everything to please the senses, everything to convince the reluctant consciousness of the outer self. We spent a great store of Our allotted Energy in literally turning hand springs in an endeavor to secure the faith and cooperation of those whom We lived to Serve.

"Hundreds of letters were written. Tons of logical records went into Our correspondence, and out of it all We had at least a workable knowledge of the Law and of the Hierarchy available for those members of the race who chose from time to time to honor Us by opening the pages of Our books and examining the Fruits of Our Labors, and so that cycle closed."

Twentieth Century Efforts

Master Morya continued:

"The 20th century dawned and again the Council of Lord Maitreya met. Again the Energies were offered to assist mankind to a workable Knowledge of the Law and the Hierarchy. This time We decided that it would not be phenomena but Radiation and Feeling that would secure for Us brothers and sisters willing to be Ourselves in the world of form. I have to the best of My Ability stood behind Master Saint Germain in His Endeavors to bring an Understanding of the Law to the people. We are pleased and blessed, because in this century not only was the Knowledge of the Law available, but the Method by which the students could contribute their energies to the amount allowed Us by the Karmic Board. This has given Us more with which to work. . . . "

" . . . If I stand before the Karmic Board and offer to use My Life Energy to talk to you, the Karmic Board would ask, 'What benefit will the Investment of Your Counsel bring to the universe? Your Light is too valuable to be given for the amusement of mankind, and if You Invest It in human beings and there is no interest on Your Investment, You make karma for them by reason of their indolence and indifference.' I have thought a plenty before I have given of My Light to the people of Earth. I have watched that Light flow, carrying the Words of My Brothers, and prayed to the God that made Us All that someone on Earth would weave out of it a Blessing. . . . "

There have been a number of individuals who have received limited Dispensations from the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to bring out more facets of the Truth. Among these have been Nicholas and Helena Roerich in Russia through the Sponsorship of Morya and the establishment of the Agni Yoga Society, Mary Baker Eddy through the sponsorship of Jesus the Christ, the Ascended Master Hilarion, and Mother Mary — as well as a number of other limited Dispensations .

The I AM Activity

As the Aquarian Age was about to dawn, heralding the closing of another 14,000 year cycle, the Master Saint Germain saw that it was conducive to the outpicturing of the Great Divine Plan for the Earth to begin to train dedicated lifestreams in the Art of Invocation, and the Direction of Light Rays. By this Knowledge, more among humanity could assist in the dissolving of vortices of discord and the accumulated weight of misqualified human thought and feeling, and participate in the "Great Work" of bringing forth more of the Perfection of Heaven - the Ascended Master Octave - onto the Earth.

This Dispensation was primarily the effort of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. He contacted Guy and Edna Ballard, who had assisted Him in His previous efforts with the Sahara Civilization 70,000 years ago. Saint Germain felt that the Ballards were strong enough to carry His Teachings and the Light to America and to all the people of the Earth. The Great Divine Director asked Him if He were certain of this. Saint Germain replied, "I shall try it out, and we shall see!"

The Messenger, Guy W. Ballard, met Saint Germain first in August of 1930 on Mount Shasta. This historical, illuminating experience is beautifully detailed in the book Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfre Ray King. After the experiences on Mt. Shasta, Mr. Ballard, along with Bob Singleton, Nada Rayborn, Pearl Singleton, and Rex Rayborn, left on August 20, 1931 from New York on a journey to Europe, Egypt, Arabia, and India as chronicled in The Magic Presence.

In 1932, Mr. Ballard returned to his house in Chicago, where further explanations were given him by Saint Germain as part of many Discourses. These instructions were given to the Ballards via the Light and Sound Ray. Some were delivered by Saint Germain in His Ascended Master Body.

Guy W. Ballard used the pen name of "Godfré Ray King" in releasing Unveiled Mysteries in 1934. As interest grew quickly, this book was reprinted the following year with its sequel, The Magic Presence, and also a third volume, the powerful application of the Law of Life in The "I AM" Discourses, by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. The simple, direct language of these Books was astonishing and at once convincing.

Following this period of preparation, the expansion of the work of The "I AM" Religious Activity was underway. Mr. and Mrs. Ballard gave classes, and talked to large audiences all over the United States in Conclaves and over the radio. Together they reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Saint Germain was lavish in his praise of Guy and Edna Ballard. He said:

" . . . They have proven their ability to stand in the Light, and with no personal desire, unselfishly carry the pure unadulterated message of the Mighty I AM Presence. It is only through their joyous and willing obedience to Our slightest wish, that it is possible to bring forth this expression and understanding of the 'I AM' in Purity and Truth."

The establishment and expansion of The "I AM" Activity by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Guy and Edna Ballard in the 1930's led to the release in great detail of a number of Teachings not previously known in such clarity and precision outside of the Masters' Retreats and Temples:

  1. Knowledge of the Individualized Presence of God: the "Mighty I AM Presence" — God in Action
  2. Use of the Violet Flame of Divine Love
  3. Use of God's Creative Name — "I AM" — in Decrees and Invocations
  4. The Ascension in the Light

Within The "I AM" Activity, contact with the Ascended Masters and cooperation with Their Work became a central part of each individual's life. Through Their Authorized Messengers, the Ballards, the Ascended Masters regularly communicated with the students of The "I AM" Activity. Those Addresses (known as Dictations) were delivered before gatherings of members in Conclaves held throughout the United States of America, published in the monthly periodical, The Voice of The "I AM", and some were collected and reprinted in the books of The Saint Germain Series. In all, 3,834 Dictations from the Masters were received through Guy and Edna Ballard (Godfre and Lotus). In these Dictations, the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, and Archangels presented a program of Guidance and Understanding for both individual development and effective action in the world.

The Bridge to Freedom

In 1952 the Ascended Master Saint Germain stated that:

" . . . It was never intended to start a 'new' Activity, but to broaden the field of service of the present Activity, by engaging the competent and willing service of lifestreams not presently allowed full expression of their talents in 'widening the borders of the Father's Kingdom.' Many hundreds of thousands of souls have not been privileged to receive the Instruction brought forth in My Name, due to barriers of language, limitation in the production and distribution of illuminating literature and the unhappy 'excommunications' which resulted from misunderstanding of a human nature. . . . "

" . . . A way and means by which We might reach the consciousness of the people had to be devised. 'The Bridge' was the solution to this problem. Mrs. Ballard was informed prior to any other individual of the purpose for which The Bridge came forth and was courteously invited to allow Us the opportunity of supporting her work and performing through other well qualified individuals the task of reaching other lifestreams than those presently blessed by the knowledge of The "I AM" Activity. . . . "

" . . . The Sun cannot limit its shining to one beam, nor the Love of God to one human consciousness, no matter how well attuned it may have been to the Vibrations of the Masters. The souls of men are our concern, all men, of all colors, all countries, because from the Flame in their hearts will come the Illumination which will make this Dark Star a Flaming Sun of Freedom. . . . "

" . . . It is to be regretted that the very Activity which I instituted at so great a cost of Energies and such a great Investment of Love should have again built into the inner bodies of those who responded to My Keynote, fear and superstitions that have atrophied the reasoning processes in the mental body, and energized the emotional bodies with fanatical zeal rather than God-Controlled Enthusiasm.

"It is so easy for energy to get away from the original purpose to which it was dedicated, especially if the channel through which that energy has been focused diverts from the Original Motive which became the Pulsation of the Release. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master El Morya contacted Geraldine Innocente in 1944 and asked her to make a certain application on a daily basis. One year later, He returned asking if she would consent to receive a series of Discourses from the beloved Maha Chohan. She agreed, and then underwent years of training in preparation for her role in the 1950's. She served officially in the capacity of Messenger in The Bridge to Freedom Activity from the inaugural Vesta Dictation on July 17, 1951 until the transition from her physical body on June 21, 1961.

Beloved Master Morya, through the Messenger Geraldine Innocente, explained in 1952 the reason that The Bridge to Freedom was established:

" . . . The beloved Maha Chohan gave Me a limited Grant, saying that the response of the few whom I had chosen would determine whether I could continue such an association. With well justified trepidation, I endeavored to correspond with the most likely and promising of those who professed to love Us and Our Way. Their response made it possible for Me to continue this Endeavor.

"Now many good and fine lifestreams, like a golden chain, girdling the Earth, make it possible for Us to transmit the current Action of the Brothers around the planet and bless all life and stimulate all souls by this universal service. This is the purpose of The Bridge, The Bulletin, and this expanded service which is but a part of the one Plan, even as the foundation is laid and a beautiful Spiritual Edifice built thereon.

"Without the Hierarchy, the Earth would long ago have passed into oblivion, the electrons which compose it returned to the universe, and the souls depending upon it for existence snuffed out like candles before the wind. . . . "

Master Morya added the following about The Bridge to Freedom:

" . . . Now, I have received from the Lords of Karma a limited Grant by which I shall endeavor to give to the people the benefit of such of the Inner Activities of the Brotherhood as are currently taking place throughout the Universe. This will in no way conflict with the release of Our Instruction that previously has been sent forth, except that in certain specific instances, where some personality has colored Truth, I shall endeavor to give a correct description of the Law. This is My sole purpose in securing the Dispensation whereby more people can have the benefit of understanding how to cooperate with the Law by which they, individually, can begin to generate and expand the Light of their own hearts and so contribute to the Light of the world. . . . "

A number of key individuals in The Bridge to Freedom left that organization during the July 1958 Summer Conference. Among those who left were Clara Louise Kieninger (secretary of The Bridge to Freedom), Frances Ekey (managing editor of The Bridge to Freedom Journal), Mary Myneta Boos (leader of the New York sanctuary), and possibly Mark Prophet also.

The Summit Lighthouse

On August 7, 1958, the Ascended Master El Morya founded The Summit Lighthouse through the Messenger, Mark Lyle Prophet. On that day Frances K. Ekey, Chrystel F. Anderson, and Mark Prophet gathered in Philadelphia for the first board meeting. The Dispensation authorizing the formation of The Summit Lighthouse was announced through Dictations at that meeting by Archangel Michael, The Elohim of Peace, Saint Germain, the Maha Chohan, El Morya, Gautama Buddha, and Godfre.

On June 21, 1961, the day that Geraldine Innocente made her transition, Master Morya contacted Elizabeth Clare Wulf and told her that He now had need of a feminine Messenger. She was told that she should go to begin training under Mark Prophet, whom she had just met for the first time when she attended the live Dictation by Archangel Michael on April 22, 1961 in Boston, Massachusetts. In March 1963 Mark and Elizabeth were married, and on July 5, 1964 Elizabeth Clare Prophet was anointed and received the Mantle of Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. The first Dictation delivered through her was also on July 5, 1964 — from the Ascended Master Rex Rayborn.

Responding to the questions as to why there should be other Messengers, El Morya explained in 1972 through the Messenger Mark Prophet:

" . . . Some, because they have been led to believe that there would be no other Messengers save Those Who went forth carrying Our Banner in the 1930's, have been disturbed by Our most recent Endeavor sponsored by The Darjeeling Council. By way of clarification, may I say that had the Golden Age come into manifestation speedily following the release of the Knowledge of the I AM Presence and the Violet Flame, and had mankind responded en masse to the Intercession of Great Cosmic Beings who came forth to assist Saint Germain in His Magnificent Service, there would have been no further need for Messengers to carry Our Words to a darkened world. The great tragedy of the age has not been the failure of Hierarchy or of Our Former Efforts, but of humanity to accept the proffered Gift of the Emissaries of Light who came to elevate the race into the Christ Consciousness and the planet into an Era of Freedom, Enlightenment, and Peace. Time and again, due to the unpredictable nature of the human consciousness, Heaven has been forced to remold Its thinking and Its Plans according to mankind's current needs as well as their current abuses of the Law. . . . "

The Temple of The Presence

Pillars of The Temple In answer to Morya and Saint Germain, the Cosmic Councils have released the Dispensation of The Temple of The Presence. At the present time, the Ascended Masters have anointed Monroe and Carolyn Shearer as Their Messengers to the outside world. As with their predecessors in this spiritual Office, Monroe and Carolyn have been preparing for this mission for several embodiments. After training separately in this lifetime, they were brought together in 1993 and received full Sponsorship from the Brotherhood of Light for their public service through The Temple of The Presence in May 1995, when the first Dictation was delivered through them - from Ascended Master Morya.

The Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain are principal Sponsors for The Temple of The Presence, together with the Lord Maha Chohan, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and the Seven Holy Kumaras. The Messengers deliver Discourses and Dictations directly from the Masters who are Themselves present in Their Ascended Bodies. The Release of Light that takes place on these occasions surpasses all previous experience of those in attendance. Those who have been privileged to take part in the implementation of this new Dispensation have been blessed beyond measure by the Opportunity to work with our Ascended Brothers and Sisters and receive Their very Personal Instruction.


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