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Acropolis Sophia

The Ascended Master School of Wisdom

Holy Mount Where Masters Meet Disciples

Wisdom SchoolThink of Acropolis Sophia as a Sacred Mountaintop where the highest Spiritual Worlds dip down to greet the upreaching aspirations of embodied men and women completing their final assignments on this earth. It is a "City set upon a hill, whose Light cannot be hid."

Those participating will catch a glimpse of a radically new and different way of viewing life and a foretaste of a God Identity which they never dreamed existed. Students will be fully schooled in The Lesser Mysteries, which include the whole host of metaphysical facts and figures dealing with the surrounding spiritual dimensions as well as many misconceptions currently in vogue. More importantly Acropolis Sophia articulates The Greater Mysteries, beginning with the Path of self-mastery and the Realization of the God Self, the Mighty I AM Presence.

A Practical Program Designed For You!

The Ascended Master School of Wisdom, Acropolis Sophia, schedules seven day sessions after each Ascended Master quarterly conclave. Longer programs of one to three months duration are planned for the future. For information regarding exact dates, tuition and registration, please see our Upcoming Events page, or write or call:

Acropolis Sophia
P. O. Box 17839
Tucson, AZ 85731-7839

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