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Pallas Athena, also known as the Goddess of Truth, is a Member of the Karmic Board.

"Embody the Truth."

Pallas Athena " . . . This Earth will have a Golden Age. And it will contain the Truth and the Light of the Ascended Master Octave. And you will be able to look back at some future time yourself from the Ascended Master Octave and be able to say 'I remember the beginning of that Golden Age for I was there. Now my children's children are carrying on. I choose to help. I choose to stay with Earth's evolutions.'

"This is how the Ascended Masters have felt for many hundreds of thousands of years. They do not have a desiring for the planet to come into its own so they can be about other business. This is not why They strive with the Earth. It is because of the Love of the people, and of the planet, and of God that is embodied in the Earth and all thereon.

"The Ascended Masters are able to see the Light of God. They do not see all of the turmoil, albeit They are aware of the turmoil. For They do not so remove Themselves that They are out of touch with the need. This is why They have Ascended Master Activities. This is why They have Messengers.

"Embody the Truth. Join the ranks of the Ascended Master Activities of Light. Become a Star that will Light the planet, that will embody the Truth.

"We are looking forward to many lifestreams that will wear the Crown of the Christ in very short order. For there is need of more than one or two Christed Beings. And when those Christed Beings all work in a concerted effort toward the Light of God, then you will see a change like none before. For all of the Great White Brotherhood is waiting poised, and ready to move into action. . . . "

Beloved Pallas Athena

October 10, 1998   Chelsea, Vermont, U.S.A.

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