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The Healing Rosary

Mother Mary "It is time for you to give a new rosary, one that will carry you into the Golden Age and into your own Victory of the Ascension... This rosary will establish a momentum that will keep you through those times of trials and tribulations, and will speak to you in the quiet of the night when you are seemingly alone, and that will reconnect you with the family of God.

"All who partake in the giving of this rosary will not only be blessing their own Path toward the Ascension, but this momentum will build a Light to expand out to all throughout the world, connecting with those of other disciplines, other religious beliefs, who give a rosary perhaps of different words, but whose Heart Flames still connect with my Heart. And thus the rosary of Light is building an antakarana of Light so that all throughout the Earth are blessed.

"Establish a rhythmic pattern for your daily devotions to my Heart. I will come to you. We together will build the momentum of Constancy of the release of the Mother Flame in your life and, as your Holy Christ Self guides the direction of your affairs by the Mind of God, the Light Rays will stream forth from your God Presence, blessing all with whom you come in contact."

Mother Mary

September 25, 2004, Tucson, Arizona

Healing / Violet-Flame Rosary Broadcasts

Rosary Our Rosary Services with Mother Mary occurs every Wednesday evening and are open to the public, via the Live Broadcast Page. The Service begins with the giving of the Rosary, and concludes with a partial or entire recording of a Dictation by Mother Mary. The Rosary booklets are available for purchase at the Temple of the Presence Bookstore.

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