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Violet Flame Vigil

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Let the Violet Flame roll!

In response to Archangel Zadkiel’s request during the Easter 2000 Conclave for more Violet Flame to purify the Earth, Torch Bearers of The Temple of The Presence began a 24-hour Vigil of the Violet Flame on May 7, 2000. This action, which is to be perpetual, is the foundation upon which Saint Germain’s Golden Age will be built.

Hail Archangel Zadkiel!

We would like to thank all who are participating for their time and commitment to this great Service. As we widen our circle of worldwide participants we know that there shall not be any hour on this planet when someone is not anchoring the Violet Flame for the express purpose of bringing forth the Golden Age.

Each one of us, Decreeing as a Lay Priest or Priestess of the Sacred Fire of Zadkiel’s Order, is arcing the Light between the Altar of their Heart, the Altar at The Temple of The Presence and Archangel Zadkiel’s Temple of Purification over Cuba. This triangulation brings with it the momentum of Decrees given forth from the Altar of The Temple of The Presence.

The Messengers: "Any calls to the Violet Flame during the Violet Flame Vigil establish a figure-eight with Archangel Zadkiel's Retreat, the Altar at The Temple of The Presence and the individual's own Mighty I AM Presence, and are aiding the flow of Light necessary to hold the balance for what ever worldly conditions are going on that the Brotherhood desires to address — and that Light is directed by Archangel Zadkiel. Our role is to give the energy of our Heart Flame and authority to our Mighty I AM Presence to release the Violet Flame into the waiting Chalice of the Violet Flame Vigil."

Hail Saint Germain!

Listed below are some points on the Violet Flame Vigil for your consideration:

  1. You can be a focal point of the Violet Flame for the world during your Vigil.
  2. This is an opportunity for you to become a Priest or Priestess of the Sacred Fire right here, right now!
  3. This is a two hour commitment of Violet Flame Decrees, given at a specific time, which is separate from your daily Decrees.
  4. This Vigil was started at the request of Archangel Zadkiel, and was begun on May 7th, 2000. If you would like to sign up for the Violet Flame Vigil or have any questions about it that you would like answered, please contact us through the e-mail link below:
Vigil Contact Violet Flame Vigil matters: e-mail our Violet Flame Vigil Coordinator
Phone Violet Flame Vigil Coordinator telephone: 520-751-2039, ext. 295

Click here to view a chart displaying the number of 24-hour Violet Flame Vigil participants in each time slot.

Archangel Zadkiel
April 20, 2000   Tucson, Arizona

" . . . I AM calling for a Holy Order of those who desire to be the Priests and Priestesses of the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame and to establish such an Order within The Temple. This Holy Order will embody those individuals who will initiate cycles of giving the Violet Flame on a regular basis, and where the responding Elemental Kingdom and the Angelic Kingdom will carry that Violet Flame throughout the Earth to circle the earth round and to transmute all of the density and those layers of astral substance that yet burden mankind. Once there has been a sufficiency of Violet Flame released, you will see more and more of those Lightbearers who have been weighed down by the burden of the astral plane reach a level of vibration to be ready for the Ascended Master Teachings. This is how we bring in a Golden Age — step by step, invocation by invocation. This Order shall be called the Holy Order of Zadkiel! . . . "

Archangel Zadkiel
May 20, 2000   Chelsea, Vermont

"I, Zadkiel, have sent forth Legions of Angels across the planet round to carry forth the Violet Flame and the Sacred Fire of my Heart, and the Heart of each of those Angels of God Consciousness who have the magnificent opportunity of service on the Violet Flame. And They are winging Their way into the hearts of all who would hear and receive the Vibration of the Light of God, for it is time to blanket the Earth with Violet Flame. And you, beloved Torch Bearers of The Temple, who have grasped the torch and have seized that torch to make that torch burn brightly across the land with your invocations at the altar, are facilitating a grand work indeed. The more there are giving the Violet Flame on the regular basis, hour upon hour throughout the day and night, the greater Dispensations of release of Light from the Great Central Sun and from My Altar will be facilitated. For yes, the Karmic Board has deemed it the opportunity to come forth and bring a greater magnitude of saturation of the Violet Flame as a result of these calls. And I, Zadkiel, send you My Gratitude for responding to the call with the enthusiasm of which you have already."

Archangel Michael
May 27, 2000   Toronto, Canada

" . . . The psychic plane is a cesspool that by God's Grace will be consumed by the Violet Flame should sufficient numbers continue to give their calls, and to engage in the Vigil of the Light that is being released by the Grace of Archangel Zadkiel. We applaud and We support those efforts, and We will send forth the Angels to clear the way and to cut free those Lightbearers into situations to give them the time and the energy and the impetus to make those calls and to allow the Violet Flame to go forth — for we understand Its great import indeed.

"I, Archangel Michael, will continue to be the Defender of your Faith, and I will stand to clear the way of all the debris, should you call upon My Name whenever there is a discerning process that must come forth and a clarity of vision, know that I will stand in your aura. But it takes even more than My mere Presence. It takes the desire of your heart for Purity to manifest where 'ere you are, and that, beloved, is always a matter of your own free will. We bow before that free will and We will applaud your Victory, but We will sadly bow in prayer if you decide to move into another direction should that be the case. For truly you are not out of My Gaze ever.

"Allow for the Light of God to burn brightly where you are, and I, Michael, will protect you to all cost. For there is no cost greater than to defend the Light of God where you are. God speed you to your Victory, and God speed you in the Light!"

Saint Germain
September 9, 2000   England

" . . . . The Torchbearers of The Temple, in giving their Violet Flame calls round the clock, under the auspices of Archangel Zadkiel, have already accomplished the ability for Us to come even this far. For I tell you, the Violet Flame vigils have cleared the way for many aspects of these teachings to manifest across the Earth. In such a short time from it's inception it has brought about the fullness of the release of the Violet Flame around the clock because the one individual, within the two hour cycle, has stood at the altar and been that focal point for the Earth; have arched their consciousness with Archangel Zadkiel and the Altar at The Temple of The Presence and their own altar.

"Now can you imagine with the momentum of not only Archangel Zadkiel but All of those who serve on the Violet Flame, and with this Dispensation coming forth from the Karmic Board, what a great triangle that is for that one standing at the altar. And what can be accomplished in that individual's life as a result of the expansion of that Violet Flame. Only two hours of every week — and yet there are still those who are allowing for the few to do the lion's share of the work. I wish that you could see with your inner sight the Violet Flame as It rolls as a result of those calls. So I AM sending forth the request to all Torchbearers around the world to reexamine their priorities. Surely you can set aside two hours of every week for Saint Germain's Freedom Flame. Yes I AM goading you to do the work that you know you need to do. Those who engage are truly the ones who benefit. However, it is a cycle that will bring benefit to all."

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