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Excerpt of Discourse from March 28, 2005, by Monroe Julius Shearer, Anointed Representative™

While we are on the subject of this preservation of the Sacred Fire, I thought I would share with you some of Beloved Saint Germain’s instruction on one of the elements that has not had a great deal of teaching accompanying the decrees. I mentioned this during the Conference, The Electronic Circle Affirmations on page four. I’d like to explain a little bit to you about the Electronic Circle. Saint Germain explains that every creation, not only people, not only elementals but every object, every plant and so forth has its own version of an Electronic Circle. Before I explain your Electronic Circle to you, I think it might be helpful to give you an example or an Electronic Circle in operation.

Let us take for example a pine cone seed. A pine cone seed has a germinal power of life within it. When it is on its way to germination it sends forth a tone and sends forth from itself a circle of radiance. Now granted in the case of a pine cone seed it might not be a very big circle but it is an extension out into space and part of the functioning of that circle is to insulate and isolate space around the seed that becomes the exclusive use of that seed.

So it is hallowing space. It is creating in the Electronic Circle or the electronic belt which is nothing to with the electronic belt that was taught in the previous activity. It establishes a triple ring-pass-not around the seed and it forms a frontier, it forms a barrier that is the extent that the radiation that is going to germinate the seed and build the plant that is going to grow. The light of the germinal power within the seed will go out to that barrier and then it will cycle back. And all of the space within that belt will be virginal. It will be conditioned exclusively to the use of that seed. This is important because there’s all kinds of other plants and all kinds of other seeds that are all trying to get germinated at the same time all around it and each one of them has to have its own operation that isn’t interfered with.

So this is the device, the technique that exists around every element of creation, including you and I. It is a radiance, a circle of fire that is thrown out by the Mighty I AM Presence. It would be outside of the Tube of Light, probably twice the distance from the Tube of Light, if you wish to consider it in that regard. And our own personal radiation, unless we are performing some premeditated act halfway around the world, our own natural estate would be for this electronic belt to be creating that personal space for us and again, the most important part of the operation for tonight’s discussion is that our own aura and our own light goes to the edge of that and orbits around and returns and recycles. It goes back and forth and round and round but it doesn’t necessarily leave outside of that.

One of the ways of looking at this Electronic Circle ordinarily is that it will radiate out with fingers of Light going horizontally in all directions and it creates a Ring Pass Not which is operated by our freewill. Once this is properly established and reinforced it becomes a tremendous protection, an action of protection. For most lifestreams through many embodiments this impervious belt and circle has been ruptured periodically. Entire sections of it may be missing and it has weaknesses in it. So those places where that Electronic Circle is lacking are an unguarded flank in our aura. And individuals who often feel encroached upon by opposing forces do not have the reinforcement in that Electronic Circle that they should have.

What is happening where those gaps are in the Electronic Circle, what is really happening is this (pointing sound), the Light of the Crystal Cord is bleeding off out of the personal space where it should have been contained, sealed within the individual’s aura. Once that Electronic Circle is entirely fortified and functioning as it’s supposed to then you can begin the accumulation of the charge of the Sacred Fire within the aura. The buildup of this Light, it’s like all of these things are stopped only the brass kettle is elastic and it is able to absorb more energy. There is positively no quantitative limit to how much Light can retained within the Electronic Circle of the Presence that is established around us.

A little side note about this Electronic Circle, whenever there is some kind of concern that has to be dealt with, some immediate type of concern, a more than ordinary amount of Light will go out from your chakras to deal with that. You have all been in the novelty stores where they have those rare gas globes and they have a central little electrode and then you see these little tiny fingers of luminous flame going out. Well, imagine that happening more or less horizontally in a circular pattern and imagine, ideally a more or less regular spoke’s pattern going out to the edge of the circle and you know what happens when you come along and you touch a place on that and then a lot of that flame will kind of move over and focus itself where you have touched. Well, when there’s some kind of agitation or opposition in a certain direction the Light within your world will quadruple to deal with that condition. And it will deal with that kind of impersonally.

If you have a second thing and you have a certain amount of buildup of light you might be astute enough to hold the balance for two things. But if a third thing happens at the same time you don’t have enough reserve to hold the balance for that one as well as the other two that are still agitating and at that point you lose your harmony, you become irrational, you become upset and there is a riding in from the astral plane of a like vibrating substance to whatever that particular discord is. It just comes through the break in the Electronic Circle at that point. And that is called a rip tide when ten times more agitation rides in then what you had in your own world to begin with and it gets multiplied.

So this Electronic Circle is a very real thing. One thing I will remind you of about it, one of the things that the Masters have said is that free will is absolutely supreme. And it is also supreme when it comes to forces that are not in agreement with that free will. The Ascended don’t have to worry about them. They are not going to override your free will. You might wish they would. Or even if you don’t wish they would, it would be better for you if they would, but they won’t even if you wanted them do. Nor will your Christ Self or your God Presence. Your free will is supreme.

But the point is that even in this outer world your free will is really supreme and the reason it doesn’t always operate is because in the past you have misused that free will and you have dismantled your Electronic Circle with your own free will and you’ve left yourself open for forces to ride in. Also there’s been a drainage away, a wasting away of this Sacred Fire, so, in general, there’s not a lot to go around to hold the balance for conditions. But when you really do realize how supreme your free will is and you go about setting into motion the reestablishment of the Electronic Circle, the rebuilding of it, together with the other calls that you know how to make you can make your personal world impervious to any force that is antithetical to your vibration.

And the way that the action works is that the Light comes down, goes out to the edge of the Electronic Circle and comes back and goes round and round and it’s building up momentum. It’s building up kinetic energy. And this energy can build up and build up and build up and when you have spent a few months or years preserving all of the trickle charge of your Crystal Cord as it comes down to you, relentlessly, twenty four hours a day. If you seal your aura, that meaning your four lower bodies, in harmony and the right use of the Sacred Fire there will be such a potent charge of your God Presence in these four lower bodies that they will become more and more impervious to any outside incursion.

And when there is a call that you make, the Light that you release will be like a whip. The Light will go crackling forth in answer to your call out of this reservoir of the Sacred Fire that you have built up within your four lower bodies. It will go forth like a lightning bolt or in whatever other visualization you have as the device for your decree and your visualization.

Mighty Astrea’s Sword of Blue Flame works especially because it comes down and reinforces your own Electronic Circle. The Great Divine Director’s Belt is the same action. Both of these come down and are superimposed over that Electronic Circle. The Sword of Blue Flame of Mighty Astrea, you visualize as the vertical axis of that circle lying on the spine from the back, going up and down, with the point of the sword going upward and you see whatever is in your world that is misqualification...if this is your spine and this is the Sword of Blue Flame, they’re like this and the darkness is drawn off of your spine and is caught up in this upward whoosh of the Blue Flame Sword and it just draws it off into the Light and it is no more. So that action of Mighty Astrea is a very good action for beginning the process of rebuilding that Electronic Circle. Let me just read you this one instruction on this action. It is very central to this entire week of the use of the Sacred Fire. This is Discourse XII. Notice that he prefaces the teaching on the Electronic Circle proper with the subject of the preservation of the Sacred Fire.

(Reading: “Mankind in general and the doctors particularly have distorted things pitifully...” Misuse of Sacred Fire in sex is the greatest avenue of waste and that’s why people can’t hold long enough to their Presence to attain mastery...95% cause of old age. One way to change is to redirect attention instantly to Higher Self...not human will power...lift out of condition. Electronic Circle holds reserve of energy. Pure love of God need not go below the heart.)

Here is a little bit more on Electronic Circle. This is from Discourse III. Remember the premise that every creation is surrounded by such an electronic belt and the first example he gives is the Golden Etheric City.

(Reading continues. “It is surrounded by an etheric belt which is more powerful than a wall of steel many feet thick would be. To a lesser degree may the individual surround himself with such an electronic circle or belt to qualify in whatever manner he may choose.&rdquo Hold, preserve energy. Be careful to send it out only in divine love. Once had this circle in perfection. Now, must go to work and consciously create circle again.)

Now, the last point on this which is also of value is that Saint Germain explains that even your own Mighty I AM Presence in its own realm is surrounded by a similar Electronic Circle and the thrust from that is so powerful that it keeps out anything unlike itself.

But he goes on to say (reading: “It is no barrier to love and adoration. And if an lifestream wishes to enter into the Holy of Holies of their own God Presence they will imbue themselves with the vibration of pure God Love as it exists in their pink plume. And in that love they will move effortlessly into that communion and that living Presence of their God Presence.”)

So that begins to show you, somewhat, of the impersonal operation of this Electronic Circle. The last point about it that Saint Germain makes is that when the lower self reestablishes this action of the Sacred Fire in the four lower bodies there’s a congruency between the Electronic Circle of the Mighty I AM Presence and the Electronic Circle established by the outer lifestream. And thanks to that congruency there is a connection that is made and there is a perpetual outpouring from the God Presence that flows through the outer self and magnifies this perfect radiation through the outer self going out into the world. And he says that even if the person didn’t give any other service, just being that open door to the outpouring of their God Presence would be a sufficiency of service in a given embodiment because that Light is so powerful.

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