The Temple of The Presence
The Temple of The Presence®

Our Reason For Being

The hallmark of The Temple of The Presence is the Kindling of the Ever-Present Fire of Ascended Master Light and the determination to live LIFE as the Ascended Masters do, to live The Ascended Master Way of Life.


Our Love for the Divine Spark in the hearts of men and women of this age compels us to share the Love of God so freely bestowed upon us by the Ascended Masters and our own Mighty I AM Presence.


To provide a forum for the transcendent instruction in the I AM Law of Life including a balance of meditation, worship and Decrees.


To provide Leadership, Direction and Impetus to those Lifestreams whose hearts have been searching for an avenue of service where they could contribute to the work of the Brotherhood of Light.


To encourage and sustain the primary focus of attention of the students on their own indwelling God Self, the Mighty I AM Presence.


Galvanize those lifestreams poised and ready to move into action through avenues of Divine service in response to the Call of the Brotherhood of Light. To that end to work for the establishment of Centers of spiritually minded men and women throughout the world to act as outposts for the Love of the Ascended Masters.


Ongoing current contact with the Ascended Masters through Live Dictations in order to receive their Radiation, Wisdom and Guidance.


Freedom to be disciples of the Ascended Masters, and to serve Life culminating with the final Victory of the Ascension at the close of this lifetime.

The Life!

To set before ourselves the sincere resolve to truly live LIFE as the Ascended Masters live in Their Homes and Retreats, treating one another with Love and living 24 hours a day in the Harmony and Perfection of our own God Self.


To foster and encourage a spirit and a structure within The Temple of The Presence and the training of its leaders so that 100, 200, 300 years from now The Temple will be as responsive to the Hierarchy of the Brotherhood as it is today!



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