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When you first tune in, you may hear a number of different things:

  • Decrees are ususally given before the Anointed Representatives™ arrive. If you do not have a decree book, or have never heard these before and do not understand the science behind them, they may sound foreign and may even be irritating to some. A Decree is a form of prayer, as is meditation, spoken prayer, and quiet contemplative prayer.  Like them , a decree has it own purpose and intent. It is a dynamic form and releases the Light from the Higher Octaves in answer to that call that is sent forth.  It sets in motion an interaction between the four lower bodies, where the combined feelings and energy is released from the I AM Presence and directed into the world of form. The Science of the Spoken Word, decrees, was given by Saint Germain in the early 1930's as a way for mankind to more quickly bring about productive change in the world. He released the teachings on the Violet Fire for transmutation and change.  The repetition is not "vain repetition." Instead it is a directed thought form decreeing perfection into the world.  While holding that thought and releasing the Light we can create change.  They are a positive statement of belief. Book of Job 22:28 "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways."
  • Musical Meditations may be playing. These could be played while we are waiting for a session to begin or between a Discourse and a Dictation and are used to set the feeling body for the release of Light prior to a Dictation.
  • Discourses are Teachings delivered in a more relaxed state by the Messenger to the students. These teachings are directly overshadowed and released by the presiding  Ascended Master or Masters that desire to release a certain teaching or thought form. There is a tremendous Release of Light during these Discourses. At times you may feel sleepy as your conscious level of attention falters trying to stay with the flow of Light.
  • Dictations are direct Releases of Light, Fire and Teaching from a particular Master. It is not just for those present in the immediate room. The Release is on every level of consciousness and worlds within worlds in Spirit and in form. These are conscious connections with the Ascended Master and are not what is commonly referred to as channeling. There is a raising of ones vibration into the Level of the Ascended Master Realm. There are three ways that these can occur and can be studied in many of the books released by the Ascended Masters.
  • Time only exists in this physical universe. Thus, to the Ascended Master, time is not an issue. The release of Light and the Teachings hinge on the energy fields of the students, the conference, and the planet. The Masters will step forth when the conditions are set that They can do the most good and pour out the greatest Blessings to all of life.  This makes it very difficult if not impossible to schedule and tell you what time what is going to occur, so please keep that in mind. If something is not happening when you think it should, know for a fact that there is a lot more at stake in the world and we can wait for that Release. For we know not what is at stake in all the other realms.
  • Listen with an open heart - and if you do not understand something, or have different feelings pop up in your world while you are listening, know that it is the Light working on records long forgotten.  Do not be concerned about things you do not understand - just put them aside for now and continue to listen.  For surely there is a Message in it for all.

    God Bless you on your Path Home.


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