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Volume 1   Number 3  
The Maha Chohan   1996

My Dear Students,

The time has come for Peace. We have had the Prince of Peace. We have had Beloved Ghandi bringing Peace. We have had many world leaders espousing Peace. But the real responsibility for Peace lies with you.

The Prince of Peace said, "Peace, be still!" and calmed the waters. Now you must say "Peace, be still!" and calm your own emotional body. It must be as quiet as a calm lake on a still day. This calm is necessary, for the solar plexus and the feeling world are by nature energy-in-motion. In order to manifest the Purity of all you would have come to pass, this e-motion must be clear as a still, crystalline pool reflecting the Purity of God, reflecting His pure Energy-In-Motion. Otherwise discord, anxiety or any disturbance in the solar plexus chakra will taint the outcome of your creation and the quality of your life experience. When this self mastery is once and for all accomplished, you shall gaze into your own purified feeling world and see reflected there the clear outpicturing of your own God vision.

Again comes the affirmation of Beloved Jesus, "Peace, be still!" How do you accomplish this Ascended Master Peace? How do you manifest such Peace in your world? You must train your emotions to be resolved in every aspect of life. You will always have conflict. There will always be turmoil. Recognize that such are part of the path of striving and overcoming. But you can meet conflict and turmoil with Faith, with Hope, and with confidence in the Light of God. Yes, the Light of God, the Light of your own I AM Presence will never fail you.

If you will but practice entering into the Great Silence regularly, you will find that the stillness of your Presence will become a permanent part of your every day activities. Then you will have stillness in all that you do, and that serenity will bring God Peace. True, there is great activity within the Silence of God, but in the divine realm all creation is carried on amidst the greatest, most peaceful out-picturing of the pure Light of God.

You need to recognize also that the greatest conflict you deal with is not to be found in the outer world, but in the warring among your own members. The constant arguing back and forth, "Should I, shouldn't I? Is it right, is it wrong?" Dear Ones, if you will but open your Heart, maintain your Harmony, and flood your world with the Love of your I AM Presence and the Light of God, you will have Peace in your emotions. Emotions are an indispensable aspect of every life-stream. Remember, emotion is energy-in-motion which must come under the control of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. It ought not be ruled by the riptides of anger and anxiety or frustration, nor contaminated by the human effluvia that you constantly contact while in physical embodiment.

If you will but maintain your Harmony and maintain your poise in the Light, you will not have to deal with the anxieties that are so prevalent on the planet. Then when someone tries to draw you into the fray, you will not respond in like manner. For there will only be Peace in your world with which to respond. Peace, in the full power of the Light of God.

The Elohim of Peace unfolds a Banner of Peace across the planet that infuses a special release of Light with the quality of God Peace. Peace between warring nations begins with the Peace within you. It is contagious. It will spread like wildfire. It is Energy-In-Motion so powerful that it cannot be stopped. But it begins with you. The Prince of Peace knew the importance of Peace, knew that to accomplish the goal of his Ascension it was a necessity for Him to maintain Peace.

We are aware of how difficult it is to bring the emotions under control. You do not accomplish it by turning off all emotional responses to life. Rather, the Violet Flame is your answer by transmuting all of the old records, old habits, old desires that are creating states of confusion, anxiety and lack of ability to hear and respond to the promptings of the Christ Self. When you have flooded your world with enough Violet Flame and your desires have been purified, you will then be left with only those desires that were initially born from the Heart of God, and those God desires will be cradled in Peace.

The Holy Spirit flows in Peace. The Will of God flows in Peace. All the qualities of the God Flame flow in Peace. Won't you flow with Peace in your world?

"Peace be still and know that I AM God."

Practice it! Become it! It is yours!

You can claim it. You too can plant the seeds of "Peace on Earth" to bare fruit and to bring in the coming Golden Age.




And now, Beloved One, please study carefully the following instructions on entering into the Great Silence which I revealed to a previous generation of Ascended Master Students:

"I would like to describe to you the Heart of God. It is a task that I cannot, faithfully, put into words, but I would like to at least stir your interest to the point where you begin to journey, through the medium of your consciousness, deeper and deeper and deeper into that Stillness which forms the Sacred Heart from whence has come forth into being this Universe and all of us — small and great alike.

"It is HOME in its truest and deepest sense. It is Security and Safety and Understanding and Love without censure and Peace without price. It is Light such as the most exquisite sunshine that your imaging faculties could conceive, and yet It is as restful as the twilight. It is as Silent as the Sun in the heavens in the performance of its Cosmic duties, and yet it is filled with sound in perfect Harmony.

"You might say It is every pair of opposites in their perfect state — without dissensions or imperfections of any kind — for every quality has two poles — Silence and sound — activity and stillness. Although mankind has falsely created in this world of form an opposite to Love which is hate — an opposite to Silence, which is noise.

"However, within this great Cosmic Heart is a Realm. Saint Germain calls it the Great, Great Silence. Jesus called it the Kingdom of Heaven. Others call it the Sacred Heart. David called it the Secret Place of the Most High. I call it the Power of Love Divine. But whatever Name It is called, It is the ultimate Goal toward which all Life is journeying, and It can be experienced by the evolving consciousness of any unascended being when he becomes still enough.

"Once you have entered into the Heart of that exquisite Stillness, you will meet with every Being who has mastered the outer self. You can see the full Design of God's Plan for every creature. And you will, like Myself, never leave it again. But you will work from within that Heart, abiding in Perfect Peace. Your physical heart is a replica of the Great Cosmic Heart of the Universe, and through the door of that Heart you can enter the place of absolute STILLNESS. You will find It increasing and becoming more tangible as you practice the cultivation of that Inner Peace.

"I smile when I see the mankind of Earth so intent on travel and vacation when they may go into this Inner Realm on a breath and come back more restored than any resort or any physical sunshine or water spa could manifest for them.

"Dear children of My Heart, I implore you to enter deep, deep, deep into the Heart of the Silence and KNOW for yourselves the Fullness of Life that is there for your health, enjoyment, prosperity and PEACE."

Blessings and Love,

The Maha Chohan


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