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The Ruby Chalice Visitations

  • El Morya introduces The Ruby Chalice Visitations:

    "Let me emphasize that these Visitations are not simply transcriptions of the live Dictations of the Ascended Masters previously delivered as formal addresses to Their students and the general public.  Rather imagine if you will . . . "

  • "Our first point of discussion is Love . . . the greatest love that you can experience is the Love from your own I AM Presence, your Real Self. . . . "
  • "I come to you this hour in the Flame of the Buddha.  I AM the Maha Chohan, and I AM wearing the Mantle of God Harmony . . . It is impossible to assimilate Love when you are out of Harmony."
  • "The time has come for Peace . . . But the real responsibility for Peace lies with you.  The Prince of Peace said, "Peace, be still!" and calmed the waters.  Now you must say "Peace, be still!" and calm your own emotional body. . . . "
  • "You cannot have Faith by degrees. It is all or nothing. For even one increment of doubt, fear or questioning will act like the sting of a serpent’s venom, poisoning the rest of the release of Faith from your Heart, and all will be lost for the moment. How, then, do you strengthen your Faith to be complete and full?   (requires Acrobat Reader )
  • "I AM speaking of the Opportunity to gain greater understanding of their lives through the Wisdom and Love of the Ascended Masters and through Our Expanded Consciousness."   (requires Acrobat Reader )

The topics of other releases by The Maha Chohan were on: Purity, Happiness, Hope, Charity, Patience, Poise, Courage, Strength, Fearlessness, and Fire.



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