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What is an Ascended Master Activity?

An Ascended Master Activity provides an Opportunity for the Spiritual Hierarchy to provide that Instruction and Illumination that is deemed most vital for our time. Such an organization allows for the dissemination of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters on a global scale as released through Messengers that have been anointed by the Brotherhood of Light. However, this is actually only one of the Purposes of an Ascended Master Activity.

Another very important function is to anchor Light in the matter planes of the Earth. This is to assist in the raising of the vibratory frequencies of our planet during this transition period into our Earth's new Cosmic Cycle in this System of Worlds. This will finally allow for the establishment of the Permanent Golden Age of Freedom, Enlightenment, and Peace.

Anchoring Light in the matter planes is accomplished in Ascended Master Activities through the individual and group dynamics of The Science of the Spoken Word. Through Decrees, Fiats, Affirmations, Adorations, Prayers, and Songs there can be transmutation of misqualified energies and detrimental human creation. Through the Power of Invocation there can be the expansion of Light, Illumination, and Love and the drawing forth of the individual and group Divine Plan.

When an Ascended Master Activity has an anointed Messenger delivering Dictations from the Spiritual Hierarchy, there can be a tremendous Release of Fohat and Cosmic Currents of God's Light, Love, and Life into the emotional, mental, and etheric planes of our planet, as well as into the actual physical molecular structure of the Earth. In order to accomplish this, the Release from the Ascended Master Octave must be through a physically embodied Messenger.

It has been said by some that there is "no further need for Messengers". Their reasoning is that: "We have been taught more than enough of what we need to know to make our Ascension." Beloved Ascended Master El Morya in 1954 explained some of the rationale behind the creating and maintaining of cooperation between embodied humanity and the Brotherhood of Light:

" . . . How can a Hierarchy direct the progress of a race unless the Masters can reach the consciousness and outer minds of the lifestreams who are in distress - unless there is a bridge, a link, a connection over which Our Design, Counsel, Words and current Endeavors may reach the intellect of the personal self? Current activities require current emergency methods and not the accumulated Wisdom of the past. The Counsel of 100 years ago is not pertinent to the Endeavor which engages the Energies of the Brotherhood in this hour.

"It was to bridge this gap, to cross the chasm between the now and then, that I applied for a Dispensation, an Opportunity by which I might endeavor to convince some old heart friends that We are capable of Speech, capable of God Intelligence, and that We do not rest upon Our Crowns fulfilling a karma of Merit to the Tune of a Celestial Harvest, while your planet stands at the end of its hour. Vain, indeed, would be Our Service to Life if We were not abreast of the Cosmic Endeavor to create of this planet a Light Star. . . . "

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