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The Hour of the Dawn


I Come Bearing New Wine

By Beloved El Morya

Looking upon the secret places of heart and consciousness, I find that the Cup of Peace which is the rightful heritage of the unfolding spiritual nature has not been present among my chelas. Without the constancy of that Peace, which again is likened unto an arbor of delicate apple blossoms protecting the contemplative Buddha upon His Lotus Throne, there is neither personal development nor opportunity to leaven the loaf so far as other lifestreams are concerned.

The condition of consciousness amongst our devotees of long-standing warrants a renewed opportunity to drink of the Communion Cup of Peace in the companionship of the Masters without untoward homage to personality. It is My intent to give such renewed opportunity, once more letting the healing balm of our Presence and the Joy of the Masters' friendship flow freely to all life, without requiring allegiance of Guru to any but the Ascended Master Sponsor.

Looking down the course of the past years, I AM extremely grateful to see that the faith and hope and confidence which I have vested in our New Endeavor has borne fruit of a marvelous and lasting nature. Who could have said such a short time ago that across the face of America there would be knit together in earnest service and enthusiasm such dedicated lifestreams willing to accept Truth on its own merit!

If only you could appreciate the precious few times We are privileged to initiate from Our level a new Vibration over which the Word of God can reach those Torch Bearers who have always been the vanguard of evolution. Then would you better understand Our extreme gratitude and encouragement that so many have eagerly grasped this Truth without the necessity of our expending countless tons of energy to convince the intellect of the authenticity of the message or the perfection of its Source.

Once the original founding Messenger has left the field of action, the followers, still bathed in our Radiation released through him, are already committed to believe in the authenticity of that Word and whatever seeks to drape itself in the founder's garments. Thus it is far easier to pick up the tenets of an established movement than it is to open the door for the outpouring of an entirely new Dispensation. The intensity and fervor of this New Wine of the Spirit is bound to meet with that trait of human resistance which fears and suspects change and shrinks from the strenuous personal effort to rise above the stultified state in which the soul and finer bodies have been more or less slumbering.

If the Truth be known and bravely spoken, many who style themselves Ascended Master students have knowingly or unknowingly become content in the hopes of a "vicarious atonement!" Yes "vicarious atonement." I said it. Though to tell a student that he or she is the maker of his own destiny is to rouse a sleeping tiger! Such unfortunates choose a "savior," or "savioress." Thereafter their conscience is clear and their accountability absolved, according to their standards. They rest in the comfortable illusion that if only they believe and obey on blind faith, such a self-proclaimed "lifeline" in guise of Guru will bear their recumbent chela forms safely to the farther shore where Life Eternal and the variegated gifts of their own personally endowed Heaven await them!

This tragic delusion has crept imperceptibly through the ranks of many so-called "emancipated" lightbearers even as it swallowed up the orthodox Christian world centuries ago. The emancipated, while thinking themselves above the sorry belief in the vicarious "Blood of the Lamb," have merely transferred the burden of their salvation to someone other than an orthodox Jesus. And unfortunately for the most part they have returned to the same entrancing slumbers which have caused the recalcitrant race of men to become a blight on the whole solar system!

Just when you think the students are safely on the Path, having once been set free by the heroic efforts of the Angelic Host and in particularly Lord Michael, like children desiring to return to the womb of the mother, they curl up again in the shadow of their new Redeemer, cease to make further effort, and expect salvation through that one's presumed achievements! Sad the day when they awake to find that their Redeemer has ceased to walk the Way of Truth and that their own journey — dependent on the forward progress of the star to which their wagon's hitched — has been stale-mated, or still worse…retrogressed!

My Beloved Ones, I speak boldly to deflect with My Shield the gravest of dangers, which presents itself side by side with this dubious awakening. For at that critical moment there is that human tendency to overreact, to rebound instantly to the opposite extreme where the once Beloved Teaching and Revered Teachers are themselves placed under the most severe indictment!1

Yes Beloved Ones, I have heard the thousands of voices in the night crying out, "Morya, do something!" Well I have heard your calls and I have answered. The Temple of The Presence is my response. Not the response you intended perhaps, but nevertheless the one decreed by the Wisest amongst our Brotherhood. If you question this necessity you have not yet understood the lesson of the New Wineskins as taught by the Christ long ago. Understand that even I am not above the sovereign Laws which govern free will.

Patience being the order of Heaven, We ourselves have been compelled — UNTIL NOW— to stand aside and watch as souls precious to us once again slip back into the same sorry superstitions. Only this time the ancient glamors and mayas proudly parade themselves in the sacred lexicon of the Brotherhood! Lest I Myself be accused of exaggeration, I cite the following: One who professes to represent Us has been so bold as to canonize by innuendo and by use of Our Name the tenet that the Ascension can come only through her and her personal intercession as Guru.

I say to you that this threadbare pronouncement and its illegitimate siblings are but the peeping and muttering of the psychic plane, a trendy smorgasbord of unclean meats served up in the name of "progressive revelation" to be swallowed whole without benefit of mastication! Many know in their heart of hearts that these mythical dogmas fly in the face of everything that is good and true about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters inherited from Our Messengers over the past century. They know, but fear to act, for fear of the ancient papal threat of damnation once again held over their heads, "Could it possibly? Somehow might it be? What if I lose my Ascension?"

I say to you, "Doubt Not! Fear Not!" To you who hesitate and tremble — I, Morya, leave this my Solemn Pledge,

My Messengers stand Fearlessly in My Ray! Fear not any articulated reproach from Me or My Peers where there is only the utmost Compassion. Fear not to purge your cups of psychic vanity. Tremble not in anticipation of anyone's supposed occult powers. My Shield of Love intercepts all slings and arrows which instead cascade softly as rose petals round your blessed feet. Thus I extend to you this new Cup holding the eternally New Wine of our Ascended Presence.

I AM the Mighty Pillar of the Temple!
Approach Ye Vigilant Ones!

Tarry not at Morya's Call.  Be steadfast and lay thy pathway unto me!
Let those whose names I speak, arise and build My Temple!
Let such as these, illumined by Spirit, walk boldly into The Temple!

And now it merely awaits your response to see if I shall be as condemned if I do, as if I don't.

I sign Myself your Sponsor still, if you will have Me.
My Messengers approach.  Receive them in My Name.


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